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You can find a list of the players here.

Here you can find an explanation of the Diriyah Tennis Cup.

Here you can find the schedule of the Diriyah Tennis Cup.

People that want to re-enter need to notify the exit gates and follow the re-entry process

  • Smoking is allowed in the open areas
  • Smoking is not allowed in the grandstand area
  • Food and beverages from outside of the site is not permissible.
  • Weapons: it is strictly prohibited to bring:
    • cutting, thrusting and stabbing weapons
    • aerosol spray cans
    • laser pointers
    • fireworks, flares, smoke powder, smoke bombs or other pyrotechnic articles

Yes, we have multiple booths and restaurants on the season’s ground

All over the village, specifically the Diriyah Season Store

  • Parking is dependent on the purchased ticket
    • VIP tickets will have a parking spot on the Diriyah season site
    • General Admission and Grandstand tickets will have a parking area at King Saud University, busses and shuttles will be operating all day to transfer the visitors to and from the site