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Diriyah Season is back

The Diriyah season 2022 kicks off with the organization of numerous international sporting tournaments and major entertainment events

The Second annual of Diriyah Season 2022 kicks off on Thursday, October 20, and will continue until February 22, 2023. It will involve setting up several international sporting events and numerous tournament activities, targeting visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom. The historic city of Diriyah, a popular and distinctive tourist destination, will host this event. The „Diriyah Season 2022“ will commence with an offcial opening ceremony, during which a package of tournaments and events will be revealed for the season’s visitors of various age groups over a period of nearly four months. HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, Chairman of the Diriyah Season Committee, said on this occasion, „We are excited that the Diriyah Season 2022 will soon get underway in the historic city, which enjoys a great historical legacy as well as great heritage and geography, being one the sites included in the list of UNESCO world urban heritage.“ The launch of the season for the second time reinforces our desire and interest to highlight this ancient history and old heritage, which will positively reflect on the number of visitors and tourists from all over the world. „

His Highness added, „The great successes of sports events in Diriyah, represented by hosting the Formula E races and the World Heavyweight Championship, in addition to hosting the first edition of the Diriyah Season, are the motivations for holding the season for the second time.“ He completed, „Here I extend my invitation to all fans, from inside and outside the Kingdom, to participate in this season, and to enjoy the activities it offers.“ For his part, Jerry Inzerillo, Group Chief Executive Offcer confirmed that Diriyah is an appropriate location to host all regional and international events in various fields. He said, „We are overwhelmed with enthusiasm to see large numbers of visitors who flock from all over the world in the new season, and we look forward to satisfying their passion for enjoyable sports and leisure experiences.“ The Diriyah Season 2022 seeks to contribute to achieving the objectives of the Kingdom’s development and economic vision by expanding and developing the events industry in all fields of entertainment, sports, tourism, and culture and by offering attractive events that enhance the prosperity of the national economy and the vitality of society. In addition to its success in organizing a number of international cultural, entertainment, and tourism events, the historical Diriyah has attained global success by hosting numerous international sporting events in the presence of a large number of Saudi fans and foreign tourists.

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